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Memorial Paddle - Salt Water Cures

I believe it to be true that Salt Water cures everything! Soak in that Vitamin Sea for the Soul! I've had a few people ask about taking them out for Memorial Paddles or Boat rides. Let me start with it is illegal to spread ashes at National Parks and in the waters. It is also wrong (and should be illegal) to release balloons in the memory of. We all know this is a form of littering and kills animals because most will end up in the waterways, ingested by an animal or entangling them.

If ashes are to be scattered over water, the Federal Clean Water Act requires that cremated remains be scattered at least three nautical miles from land. The Clean Water Act also governs scattering in inland waters such as rivers or lakes.

I'm a firm believer in finding alternatives and things that work, especially for the environment. In this most memorable paddle, it has been 5 years to the date of this special watermans passing and his wife is exceptionally near and dear. I would classify this as a very personalized paddle and her alternative was releasing roses. It was the most touching experience on the water. And, when they say Timing is Everything, it is so correct. I've heard of special red carinals, blue jays, dragonflies and other winged creations or animals showing up in moment. Look closely and you can see the pink Roseate Spoonbill in the picture :) Wonder worked and Salt Water does Cure!

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