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Suggested Spots while visiting HHI

Updated: May 28, 2018

Welcome to a long time coming adventure! This is the year where all signs alighned and pointed in the direction of a new biz thing. The Lowcountry is mesmerizing to me and I want to share it with others. It all started after obtaining a Lowcountry Master Naturalist Certificate and finding now a life long friend who wanted to paddle with me around (circumnavigate) Hilton Head Island. The catch was, Kent Grimes was on a kayak and I was on a paddleboard. Kent is going to be 75 this year! I wouldn't trade my paddleboard for a kayak on any given day :) Don't get me wrong, I LOVE to kayak as well but there's just something about standing and walking on water, being able to see above the Spartina grasses and to sit down and enjoy a dolphin or two. The wildlife you come across is like no other in the world when you work around the tides. The only suggestions I have for any paddler, especially if you've never paddled in a tidal area is to go with a guide or someone who has paddled the area before. There's anywhere between 7-10 ft tidal differentials and it is most imperative to know the direction of the tide and what time high and low tide will be for the day. Please enjoy the following SEAnic Suggestions for site information and locations:

Skull Creek is the absolute BEST place to catch the perfect Sunset! There are several locations to think about launching from and planning lunch or dinner around, all On the Water hot spots.

1. I will be available for AHHHmazing Sunset tours at Hilton Head Harbor, located at 43A Jenkins Island Rd, Hilton Head Island, SC 29926 The Hilton Head Island RV Resort, Sea Monkeys Jet Skis and Sunset Grille are all located on this Northern spot that used to be Jenkins Island. Do.esn't take long at all to paddle to the or around the bridge that leads to the Island.

2. The Rowing and Sailing Center, which I like to call the City Dock, located at 137 Squire Pope Rd, is most convenient to get to Pinckney Island and it is only one mile for a quick launch and lunch or lunch and launch spot to the Island's three most popular restaurants! Hudsons, Dockside and Skullcreek Boathouse will be THE places to be this summer. The docks at these locations are currently only available to fishing charters.

Broad Creek is a peaceful spot to catch a great sunrise and you can launch from the following spots:

1. The Cross Island Boat Landing can be busy with boat traffic during the summer and I always say that it is Important to give any boat the right of way, especially when they are putting in or taking out of the water. They are bigger and they don't have brakes. You will be close to some restaurants not to miss here too, Sunrise Cafe and The Black Marlin. If you paddle across the creek, you can easily paddle to Up the Creek Pub (which I call SUP the creek Pub) orFish Camp.

2. Marshland Rd. Landing is located just before The Old Oyster Factory, is a pretty shallow landing and has lots of oyster bed areas if you are not familiar. One of my favorite paddles is to go towards Mathew Drive along the narrow Spartina lined stream that dead ends at the road. Could easily get lost here and you want to hit this spot at high tide and come back right when the tide changes.

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