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SUP with PUPs on HHI

The following is from Maria, who never SUPs without one of her PUPs. She has an awesome book out if you are interested in knowing the ins and outs! I am ecstatic to take your pup out too for a more personalized trip, Just send a message. Please enjoy the following Maria posted on her Instagram sup_with_pup

Dolphins! Last week on my drive back from Florida the dogs and I stopped at Hilton Head Island, SC for a paddle with our friend @hollypaddles. The dogs and I were treated to a group of 4 dolphins feeding, swimming and teasing us in Broad Creek. These guys are much harder to photograph than manatees! Riley and Kona were as inquisitive as ever, and I loved watching them snap their heads around in the direction of a dolphin surfacing to breath. If you have a chance to visit HHI you should all look up @seanicpaddle for a sunset paddle, maybe you'll get lucky and get to meet some dolphins, too! At the end of our paddle Kona was injured on an oyster bed. More on that part later - but Kona is doing fine.

Tuesdsay Tip: Review the basics of first-aid every season! I mentioned that Kona was injured after our dolphin paddle last week so I wanted to share this story as a reminder that dogs will be dogs, stuff happens, and to always carry a first-aid kit.

After being on the water for quite a while Kona gave me her whiny bark - the I have to go to the bathroom bark. I was with ACA local SUP instructor, Holly Feltner who warned us about oyster beds and pluff mud. We carefully scouted all banks and found the safest looking spot to let the dogs off. Kona hopped ashore and walked around a bend where I couldn't see her. She came back caked in mud up to her shoulders, then I noticed the blood pooling under her paws. She must have fallen through the soft mud, and onto an oyster bed. I quickly picked her up and washed the mud off to find several deep lacerations on all four feet. I put her back on the board and quickly paddled back to the dock. As I paddled I reminded myself of two things. First, don't make a big deal over this, if I get upset so will Kona. Second, I reviewed my first-aid: Wash the wounds, apply pressure to stop the bleeding, dry the wounds, then wrap them with gauze and tape. I got this! However, then I realized I didn't have enough tape or gauze for four paws. After talking to Holly (local knowledge is key) and learning about all the nasty bacteria that live in oyster beds I decided I'd just take Kona straight to a Vet. In case you're wondering Riley has been by our sides the whole time, as cool as can be without a single scratch on his pads.

The staff at the Plantation Animal Hospital were wonderful. They used surgical scrub to clean Kona's wounds, and neatly wrapped all four paws in multicolored tape. The did a much better job of cleaning her wounds than what I could have done with my small first aid kit. I felt much better knowing her cuts were clean and properly wrapped. I'm glad we were close enough to a Vet tht tis wasn't a big deal, but if I hadn't been, I could have used the materials in my small kit and cut up a towel for bandages until I found a CVS or Vet. Next time we paddle here I'll be bringing the dogs @ruffwear Grip Trek boots!

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